Specialities you can not refuse in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is rich in seafood and offers tons of fish, shrimps and oysters. The catch served in most restaurants usually comes right out of fishing boats in the early hours of the morning. There are many good restaurants located in Bai Chay Town (Halong Bay Town) and most are the beachfront type.

Halong has a wide variety of seafood specialties. The most popular are:

Grilled chopped squid

Grilled chopped squid of Quang Ninh sea is a specialty that you have to enjoy to feel the great favor of the dish. People have to use fresh squids that have caught oversea to process the dish. Therefore, the meat is very fragrant. Almost all of ingredients are squids from Ha Long Sea so they have a typical favor, which is out standing among different kinds of squid.

People have to grind squids by hands so as to create a crisp and flexible dish of Grilled chopped squid. Squids will be grinded till being soft then added some peppers and fish sauce then divide into small parts and fry with oil till being crisp. The piece of fresh Grilled chopped squid emits extremely attractive fragrant. Therefore,  tourists in Vietnam travel cannot forget from the first time enjoying! 



Sopuncuchlac (sai sung): are varieties of sea worm that live in the sand and are about 4 cm in long, with tiny veins running lengthwise. This species is peculiar to Halong. After processing the fresh sopuncuchlac it should be stir-fried with celery and leeks or grilled. It goes well with beer drinking, especially as a noodle consommé.

Ngan dishes

Perhaps, all visitors to Ha Long have chance to enjoy many kinds of sea foods and Ngan is a very popular one. There are many ways to process Ngan like grilling or steaming. These dishes are dipped into a sauce mixed of chili sauce, pepper, lemonade and served with herbs. Ngan soup is added onion, fragrant khotweed, pepper and fried dry onion. Ngan stir-fried with noodle and vegetable is also great.

Ngan means “be fed up with something” but when enjoying you will not fell fed up with it at all thanks to the rich sweet of Ngan. They are dishes from Ngan.

Ngan looks like oyster but the shells are black, the bodies are thick and have wave structure. They settle in the area of island food. 


Ngan wine( Arca wine)

"Ruou ngan" (arca wine) is a specialty of Halong, which is pink, highly nutritious, really delicous and simple to process:  after being dipped quickly in boiling water, arca is opened and its meat will be ground with rice alcohol to make arca wine.

Steamed Shrimp


There are two ways to cook prawns in the region; either steamed or battered and then fried. Steamed prawns are preferred by locals for retaining the flavour of sea. They are often eaten with flattened onions, lemon with a mixture of salt and pepper, or dipped into a Ðại Yên or Cái Rồng fish sauce mixed with red chilly.

When eating steamed prawns, the Vietnamese eat the layer of liver first then pancreas located under the head.

The viscous yellow liquid, that looks horrible to westerners, is believed to cloy one’s appetite. After removing the shell, the pure white flesh of Quang Ninh’s prawns appears.



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