The best time to visit Halong Bay

The best time to visit the Halong Bay area is in spring and summer.

In the autumn and winter the sea is not very clear because of the muddy waters. In summer, days are clearer and temperatures can be somewhat high. In winter the area may be visited, but you won't be able to swim.

Halong Bay, Quang Ninh’s climate is symbolic of the climate of North Vietnam; featuring all four seasons. it's hot, wet and rainy in summer. In winter, it's cold, dry, and sees little rainfall.

 The average temperature is over 21 degrees C, while the average humidity is 84%. Annual rainfall totals between 1,700 and 2,400 mm, and there can be between 90 to 170 rainy days in a year.

These are mainly concentrated in the summer (more than 85%), and especially in the months of July and August. In winter, rainfall only reaches between 150 and 400 mm. 

In comparison to other provinces in the north, Quang Ninh has been more under the influences of north-eastern monsoons. The wind blows strongly and the temperature drops to between 1 and 3ºC. During a north-eastern monsoon, high mountainous regions such as Bình Liêu and Hải Hà, Ðầm Hà sometimes see the temperature drop below 0ºC.  

Storms have a large influence of the bay, mainly in June, July and August. The intensity can be extremely strong, especially in island and coastal regions. 


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