Where to shopping in Halong

In Ha Long, local people and tourists like to go to the market for buying something. Ha Long market has various goods such as: vegetables, fruits, honey to the clothing or shoes…

If you want to go shopping in Halong, here are some suggestions :

Ha Long Market

Ha Long market located at Ha Long city, this is the head commercial market in Quang Ninh province. The goods are so diversity from normal to luxury, almost the goods from China.

The seafood here is really fresh and cheap. Specially, in Ha Long market has squid ball – this is a product from squid, frying, makes tourists in Vietnam travel hard to refuse dinners tasted it once to remember forever.

Mong Cai border gate market


The clothing in Mong Cai border Gate market is so diversity, richness. The goods made in China come to Viet Nam almost is fabrics, ready-made clothes, shoes, fruits…

Viet Nam's goods export to China mainly is rubber rough, fresh seafood, coffee, bean,… At the Mong Cai border Gate market, there many Chinese healers prescription drug loading and create their own unique features in the market of Mong Cai border gate.

Bai Chay commercial center

Before Bai Chay commercial center (Vuon Dao market) was a small market in Vuon Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city.

This is a commercial center has large scale in Ha Long. This place focus quite full of goods from common to these types of luxury goods.

Floating Markets 

Some of these offer a unique way of enjoying seafood where the fish is caught right in front of your eyes and then cooked to perfection in the sauce you want. It’s definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience!In Halong, tourists may find floating boat carrying lots of fruits and snacks. Amazingly, to drop into one of these and take your snacks! On such little boats, you are served whatever you like - chips, beer, seafood, sweets and more.




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